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About Fast Shop


Fast Shop is the industry leader in fast & convenient stock replenishment. Customers can view past orders, make changes/ replicate the order, & checkout in as few as 3 clicks!

It is an ideal tool for restaurants that reorder similar items on a regular basis, since those items will already appear in the cart – they don’t have to be added again. This saves a lot of time & eliminates the possibility of ordering the incorrect product.


The process can be explained in 3 easy steps:


1. Go to Fast Shop, View past orders & Select

Once you have logged in, click on Fast Shop. A list of your 25 most recent orders will be displayed. Select the relevant order by clicking on the order number (displayed in red).


2. Confirm your Order

The selected order will be displayed. Click “Use this Order” to add it to your cart. Note: this does not mean that you have to replicate the order. The order can be amended once the products are in the cart.


3. Update Cart & Checkout

At this step, you will be able to add or remove items, update quantities & review current prices. If the order doesn’t need to be changed, simply click “Checkout” & proceed to payment.

1300 586 246