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Paper Tablecloths and Doyleys

Our Table Paper is made from crisp white sheets, which blend in seamlessly with linen cloths & create a more hygienic environment for the service of food. We also supply lace paper doyleys that are used as placements for serving dishes, & add a level of refinement to the table setting.

Tablecloths Paper

Table Paper sheets are typically placed over linen cloths, & are replaced after each sitting. The cost of replacing a sheet is a fraction of the amount spent on laundering linen cloths, so it generates a huge cost saving for restaurants. For example, a restaurant with 15 tables that turnover 2-3 times per day will save more than $250 every week on dry-cleaning!

Sheets are packed in cartons so they won’t get damaged in transit & will arrive in perfect condition. The cartons are easy to handle & can be stored upright, which takes up much less space. The carton converts into a dispenser once the flap on the side is opened. Sheets can then be removed instantly & laid straight onto the table.


Paper Doyleys can be placed on the table paper or directly onto a linen cloth, & are used as placemats for serving dishes. They can also be used to line serving trays. Our Paper Doyleys have a laced edge, & form an integral part of a traditional table setting.

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