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Takeaway Food Packaging

We supply a range of food packaging that is ideal for serving takeaway meals sold in restaurants, cafes & fast food outlets. Plastic takeaway containers, sandwich wedges, food trays, foam clams, pizza boxes, chip cups, foil containers & our enviro range are all available online at Wholesale Direct Restaurant Supplies.  

The vast majority of restaurants & cafes use plastic takeaway containers to store & package food. Our plastic containers are made from a sturdy PP material that is resistant to heat & microwave-safe, so food can be reheated without having to transfer it. Our disposable food containers are available with round & rectangular bases & in a range of sizes. All our plastic takeaway containers have lids that fit securely to prevent spillages.

Sauce Containers

We also carry sauce containers or portion cups, which are often used in conjunction with our plastic takeaway containers to serve sauces, salad dressing & other condiments. They are available in a range of sizes, from our 1oz jelly shot cups all the way up to our 4oz round containers. Sauce containers are a great tool for restaurants to control portion sizes & eliminate wastage.

Food Trays

Our food trays are more suited to packaging cakes or food that needs ventilation, as they allow steam to filter & prevent the food going soggy. Trays are commonly used to serve fish ‘n chips, sandwiches, cakes & biscuits. Our food trays, also known as cake trays, are made from a sturdy coated board to avoid collapse when the tray comes into contact with oily foods. Cake trays are flat packed & can be easily assembled by folding the edges along the creases & inserting the flaps into the pre-cut slots.

Foam containers

Foam containers provide one of the best sources of heat insulation, which guarantees that the meal will still be hot when your customers arrive home. The foam containers have a hinged lid with a lip that feeds into the base, making it very easy to assemble. Our foam clams are commonly used to serve a roast, sandwiches & chips, salads & more.

Foil Containers

Foil containers are undoubtedly one of the most versatile forms of food packaging available, as they can be used to prepare food, freeze or reheat meals, transport takeaway meals & for foodservice. They are the preferred method of food packaging for a number of chefs as they believe that the food retains its flavour & stays hot in this type of package. Foil-lined lids designed to suit our containers are sold separately.

Show Bowls

Show bowls are crystal clear food containers that are commonly used to package nuts, confectionary, salads & other fresh food. A show bowl, as its name suggests, is designed to display the finer qualities of the food & entice consumers with its clarity & precision. Show bowls have a hinged lid (connected to the base) which means that food can be packaged quickly & more efficiently. 

Pizza Boxes & Chip Cups

We also carry pizza boxes & chip cups, which are ideal for use in fast food outlets & pizza shops. Our pizza boxes are made from a sturdy corrugated board that minimises warping caused by a build-up of steam. The pizza boxes are available in a range of sizes & in either a stock design printed on a brown box, or a plain white box.

Chip Cups have a robust design & a film around their inner wall so grease & oil from chips won’t cause the cup to buckle. Our hot chip cups have a stock print that is colourful & vibrant, & will serve to enhance the presentation of the food.

Enviro Food Packaging

Enviro food packaging is an eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to conventional food packaging used in the fast-food industry. Our enviro range has a sturdy & robust construct, & is designed to limit moisture build-up during transit. This makes it ideal for packaging food that needs to remain crisp & dry for an optimal dining experience e.g. hamburgers, hot chips, fried fish & hot dogs. Our enviro range is recyclable, & can be converted into new products after use.

Sandwich Wedges

"Freshview" sandwich wedges are transparent, & serve to enhance presentation & appeal of the sandwich. Built with a hinged lid, the sandwich wedge makes food preparation more efficient, & keeps the contents fresher for longer. Our plastic sandwich wedges are large enough to fit a sandwich containing multiple fillings, & are popular in food-to-go outlets located in airports, retail strips & shopping centres.

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