5 Ideas for Increasing Dessert Sales in Your Restaurant

Making ends meet as a small business owner is difficult at the best of times. Often, restaurant owners focus on attracting new customers in an attempt to increase their bottom line. However, this is a time- and money-intensive method of making a few extra bucks.

Another option is to encourage your current guests to spend a little more. Imagine how much more money your business would make if you just doubled current dessert sales. Little things like this can really make a big difference to your bottom line. Consider implementing some of these easy tips on how to increase dessert sales, and you can expect to watch your revenue increase.

1. Make use of the old-fashioned dessert cart.

That old saying that “people eat with their eyes” is incredibly true. Putting the actual desserts in front of people is almost guaranteed to increase your sales, so long as the presentation is appealing to the eye. Using a dessert cart is also easy on the budget, since no additional investment is required.

2. Keep dessert on customers’ minds.

While the real thing works best, photographs are also a great way for people to feast on dessert options. A table card works well for casual dining, and a classy dessert menu with pictures is a good idea for fine dining. Don’t get stuck on the idea that photographs don’t belong in fine dining establishments. A picture speaks a thousand words, especially to the more primal brain that decides if a dessert looks good.

In a fine dining establishment, set the table for dessert as soon as the mains are cleared. The automatic transition to dessert as a part of the meal will make it more likely that people will order it. Provide the dessert menu automatically, rather than asking people if they would like to see it.

3. Provide reasonable portions.

Restaurants often find it difficult to walk the fine line between enough and too much food when it comes to portionsizes. Fine dining often has it easier, since guests are usually expecting more modest portions. Reducing portion sizes can be much more controversial in casual dining environments. However, people are unlikely to order dessert when they are completely stuffed.

4. Make a display out of dessert making.

Offer desserts that are completed in a showy manner and finish them off at the table. A tableside flambe will get everyone in the area thinking about dessert. Even simpler things like finishing off a sundae with a showy flourish at the table will work in some environments.

5. Make use of the dessert special.

“Limited time” offerings make people more likely to give in and purchase dessert in many cases. If they like the look of a dessert that won’t be there the next time they come back, they are more likely to order it. Having a monthly or seasonal special can work wonders when it comes to dessert sales.