7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using a Take Away Coffee Cup

There has been an increase in the use of coffee cups in the market. According to EPA, approximately 25 billion coffee cups are usually thrown every year with the potential of staying in the environment for up to 500 years.

A high number of people are said to visit the local coffee shops on a daily basis; maybe it is part of their daily routine or just a weekend tradition. Most people are known to fall into the pattern of ordering coffee drinks and throwing the disposable cups anywhere. This habit is hard to break. Here are important reasons why you should decide to use a reusable coffee cup.


With the increase in global warming and other types of environmental deteriorations, most companies and organisations have resorted to using eco-friendly items to help curb environmental pollution.

Since the takeaway coffee cups might not be made of Styrofoam or plastics, the material used is usually biodegradable. With the cups made of disposable materials, they can decompose easily and faster. They can also be recycled in the case of the fall into right hands. These coffee cups are usually made up pulp that is extracted from water and trees.


These coffee cups are known to be comfortable to carry and use. It is possible to carry them wherever you are going since they are light in weight. In case you are not interested in washing the pile of glasses and cups, go for the takeaway cups since it is the best option. They are also known to be very portable and convenient to carry, hence; they are the best option to use whenever you are going for an outing and do not want to carry heavy luggage.


When you compare the Styrofoam and plastic cups with the takeaway coffee cups, the takeaway cups are known to be safe to use for either the cold or hot beverages. Handling them is quite easy and they do not contain toxic materials.


The takeaway coffee cups are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. For example, you can get cups meant for kids, ladies and men or cups meant for different occasions. The two main types of coffee cups include cups meant for hot beverages such as coffee and tea and cups meant for cold drinks such as sodas and cold drinks.


Drinking coffee from a takeaway cup just tastes better! These cups are rust resistant and double walled to help provide insulation for refreshing and civilised drinks. There are times when you might forget to bring your coffee cup to the cafe.

Have Sipper Domed Lids

The takeaway coffee cups are known to have sipper lids that help in releasing steam from an opening on one side while ensuring the drink is kept warm especially during a cold day. The sipper lids will allow the drinker to consume hot drink despite the hustle and bustle of work without any chances of spillages. They ensure the customer is kept safe from the hot liquid.

The Stirrer

Any customer expects a high level of hygiene something that a wooden stirrer readily provides. The stirrer is take away coffee cups are lightweight, recyclable and biodegradable. Most customers will always put off when they have to stir their coffee using a metal spoon that has been used by someone else or a plastic spoon that will end up in a landfill.

Providing the takeaway coffee cups to your customers is one way you can use to help establish yourself in the competitive industry and providing excellent service. You can also use such cups to help advertise your brand in the market.