Takeaway Food Packaging Buy at Wholesale Direct!

Takeaway Food Packaging to Buy at Wholesale Direct!

The book Takeway Food Packaging Now by Author Yvett Arzte Gomes “Life has sped up in conjunction with the development of the Internet, and the ever-burgeoning popularity of smart phones. We are now connected to a wider global network wherever we go. As such, the sit-down meal is becoming a thing of the past; people tend to order food online or eat on the go. At the same time, they are more attuned to the superficial: the instant impression gleaned from a swift glance over the counter at a supermarket deli or street stall. Because of this, packaging design is increasingly important as an entrepreneurial field. China provides an excellent case-study. In China, the takeaway market is growing at a rapid rate. Sellers target white collar workers, especially in the country’s largest metropoles such as Beijing and Shanghai. In these densely-populated urban areas, convenience meals are a natural evolution which allow the food economy to adapt to the fast-paced development of society.” Amazon state: “This publication provides examples of creative shapes and beautiful patterns that stimulate interest in take-away food packaging. It collects packaging designs for global fast food giants, like Burger King, but also showcases high quality designs from all over the world. Covering the staples of international fast food – such as burgers, sushi, and bread – as well as the multitude of different ways these dishes can be presented for sale – such as box packaging, bag packaging, bucket packaging and collective packaging – this book is both attractive and informative. It is the perfect reference book for designers and students interested in the study of fast food.” Book can be purchase at Amazon.com.au

In saying that businesses are also tuning into the internet for their online takeaway food packaging supplies, shopping and placing order online is the new thing to do vs phone orders or face to face. It’s fast. It’s traceable, it’s convenient. However many business owners fear that the takeaway food packaging product is not what they expected, such concern include:

  1. Are they good quality and design? A first impression to a consumer buying their daily toast and coffee and opting for takeaway instead of dine-in at your shop… , isn’t the actual food itself. Can you believe it? It’s the packaging! You can’t denied it, even yourself… you would have experience holding your takeaway coffee cups and you can feel straight away if the paper coffee cups is strong, sturdy, and smooth to touch…or weak, flimsy fearing it will break and a dash of coffee strain all over your corporate clothing.. NOT A Good Impression! Or the flat paper carry bag is so thin that it rips the moment the toasted ham, cheese and tomato slides into the bag.
  2. Inferior brand products? If you are concern ask yourself this. ”Is it a takeaway food packaging product brand that even Fast Food Corporate Giant trust?” They have done their market research.

Wholesale Direct Restaurant Supplies stocks up trusted brands takeaway food packaging and working with food and retails packaging industries such as BIOPAK, TAILORED, MPM Marketing, FPA, DETPAK, PAPERPAK, TORK and many more stocking up their brand in our shelf.

Because we know the feeling, coffee stain is hard to come off 🙁

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