A History of Paper Coffee Cups

There are millions of individuals who enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning, yet they know little about the immense history of the creation of paper coffee cups.  Every time that you acquire your favourite morning brew from your coffee house you will receive the beverage within a disposable cup that was invented at one point in time.  Considering that there are a wide variety of different types of coffee cups available to the general public, becoming aware of the history of paper coffee cups can be quite advantageous.takeaway cups

Finding the exact creation date of paper coffee cups is a difficult venture considering that many individuals are unable to determine when the invention of a disposable beverage container was made.  Although finding the exact creation date is difficult, it is known that at the beginning of the 1900’s paper coffee cups became increasingly popular throughout the world due to the fact that it was found to be a more sanitary way to enjoy a beverage.

In 1907, Lawrence Luellen developed the Dixie Cup in an effort to improve the hygiene of individuals who enjoyed a cup of water.  With that, a water-vending machine was then developed by Luellen and the public became more aware of the lack of hygiene that was associated with drinking out of glasses.  The majority of individuals who first used paper coffee cups did so in 1918 during the American flu epidemic in order to avoid infection.

As time progressed, more and more individuals began to use coffee cups as a more convenient solution rather than a hygienic one.  It proved to be far more beneficial to have the ability to throw away a paper coffee cup rather than wash dishes at the end of the day.  In modern day society, paper coffee cups have proven to be a cost effective way to ensure that consumers can enjoy their beverages easily without having to give away ceramic or glass cups for free.Paper Coffee Cups

Considering that many individuals enjoy coffee throughout the day, understanding where paper coffee cups came from is essential.  Next time that you delve into a luxurious and rich cup of coffee consider who invented the coffee cup and how it has become one of the most vital objects in modern day society.  Paper coffee cups are also known to be used at home which has become a more convenient way to consume beverages for many families across the world.