A List Of Important Supplies To Buy For Your Coffee Shop

Starting a coffee company is fun for coffee lovers, but it’s also a safe business to start as people always need to have a cup of coffee before work every day. However, like with many other stores, you will need to continue to buy supplies to ensure that the customer experience is nothing short of great.

Of course, you will need coffee and equipment in order to start up your business, but here are some items that you will need to buy on a consistent basis and cannot afford to run out of.


Disposable cups are a necessity among food packaging in Australia for any store or restaurant selling coffee. There are specialty cups just for coffee to ensure that the heat from the coffee doesn’t burn one’s hands.


Lids are almost equally as important as the coffee cup itself. Lids keep cups closed and they also prevent the drink from spilling. There often will be an opening where the customer can drink from. They can also protect the user from burning their mouths by sipping too much hot coffee at once. These openings should be big enough for straws too, so the lids can also be used for cups of water and other drinks.


Another important resource of every restaurant, napkins are necessary for customers to be able to wipe their hands and mouth free of coffee and other food. Without napkins, customers will quickly feel that your store is unsanitary, and can hamper their experience. Thus, you should never allow your store to run out of napkins, along with cups and lids.

Sugar And Sweeteners

Sometimes, customers will find their coffee to not be sweet enough or need something to help cool it down. Sugar packets, sweeteners, or sugar substitutes can be included with every coffee purchase in the event that their coffee it too hot or not sweet enough.

Milk And Creamer

Like sugar, milk or creamers can make the coffee taste differently. While you are probably planning many types of coffee, containing milk and cream, along with syrups and other flavors, it’s also customary to have small creamer and milk containers for customers to use as well.

Straws And Stirrers

Stirrers are important for the user to be able to mix in any sugar and / or sweeteners to their coffee. Stirrers are always a must for coffee shops, as the customer isn’t expected to stir their coffee with a fork or even their own finger. Straws aren’t a necessity for drinking coffee, but they are for water and other drinks. Water is expected for customers to want along with their coffee as a means to quench their thirst.


Coffee filters are for keeping unwanted residue out of the customer’s cup. These are to be replaced with every cup of coffee that you make. You cannot afford to run out of filters. The only time in which you should make coffee without a filter is if your machine already has a built-in filter, that would need to be cleaned out from time to time.

Conventional Cleaning Supplies

As with all retail stores, cleaning supplies are necessary so that your staff can be able to clean tables, floors, counters, and other surfaces effectively. A clean coffee shop is of utmost importance to ensure that customers return for more, along with them enjoying their coffee the first time.


Running a coffee shop requires purchasing many supplies to ensure that customers have what they need to enjoy your coffee. Have all the necessary supplies to make sure you never run low on anything crucial.