Benefits of Coffee Cup Holders

Some manufacturers are taking coffee cup holders in a whole new direction.

For years these cup holders have been manufactured from a durable cardboard type paper to a sturdy texturized pulp fiber. Each type of container allows you to carry anywhere from two to four hot or cold drinks safely.

Some cup holders are a basic square while other carriers are more defined and almost put you in the mind of an origami design because the sides of the container are much higher. And they are designed with well-defined edges and then the apparatus is finished off with a handle that allows you to slip your fingers through the center so that you can have a better grip on the container.

If the coffee tray has a handle it is much easier to maneuver than the ones that do not. This is because the handle will prevent you from having to attempt to do a balancing act with the tray if you are carrying other items.

For the most part, the consumer has no more use for the tray after the drinks have been removed and they are tossed into the trash. Therefore, it is extremely important that these trays are biodegradable.

With that said, off to the landfill they go. Once anything that is biodegradable goes to the landfill they are designed to break down through the process of things such as fungus, oxygen, water and other microbes. Most of these cup holders come in three commonly seen colors, either grey, putty, or a whitish looking color.

Some of the 2-cup trays are designed with a small built-in tray on the opposite side of the cup holder, while the 4-cup holder will have the built-in tray in the middle of the container. This tray has been designed to carry food items.

These cup holders are designed to carry most standard sized cups that range anywhere from 8 to 22 oz. and food establishments are able to order them in bulk at a very reasonable price, costing them only pennies per case. These cup holders are also environmentally friendly as they are a rectangle shape as opposed to being squared like the drink carriers that do not have a built-in tray for food items.

The newer pop-up drink carriers are moisture resistant. These trays prevent leaks that will allow customers to safely transport multiple drinks that may have spilled but will not have soaked through to the bottom of the tray. Merchants tend to appreciate this type of carrier because they are not as cumbersome to stock and take up less space in the supply room. This is because the pop-up drink carrier is made from a foldable design, thus, making it efficient for storing.

Also, the perforated design allows the establishment to rip a center divider so that the tray will now have a food compartment that comes in handy for take-out orders.

These carriers can also expand to hold 24-oz drink cups.

And instead of being constructed from texturized pulp fiber, they are constructed from a recyclable Kraft paperboard material. The measurement of the carrier is just under 7 inches in length and width and just under 9 inches in height.

When food establishments place a bulk order for these containers, they come packed in a case with a 200 ct. and will be shipped out to the restaurant in one business day.

So, if you are a restaurateur and are in need of drink carriers you will have several different options to select from. And you will be able to order both 2-cup and 4-cup holders without any hassle. Therefore take the time to look at the choices so that you can make the best decision for your establishment.