Coffee Takeaway Cups

Paper coffee cups provide a great alternative to the standard coffee mug for people on the go. Paper coffee cups are made from a paper called “cup board” and then covered in a waterproof coating that prevents leaks. Many paper cups are coated in a plastic resin, and many others are made from recycled material, making them more environmentally friendly.paper takeaway cups

The good news with any takeaway coffee cup is that the cup itself will not drastically impact the taste of coffee. Takeaway cups provide a great deal of versatility. Styrofoam coffee cups had been the norm for a long time. Styrofoam is dangerous to the environment and thus, many people and companies are making the push for paper coffee cups.

Unfortunately, Styrofoam cups cost about $25 per 1000 cups, and paper cups only start at $59.95 per 1000 cups. The price differential lies in favour of Styrofoam cups. However, the environmental benefits and green aspects of paper coffee cups far outweigh the costs. Paper coffee cups are much more environmentally friendly as they are biodegradable and recyclable.

Many coffee shops are aiming at changing the takeaway cups they use for their coffee to provide more environmentally friendly options to their customers. Takeaway coffee cups also provide unique advertising opportunities to businesses as they can advertise on the cups themselves.

People are starting to use paper coffee takeaway cups in their homes even more instead of travel mugs. They provide ease of transportation without the hassle of washing and keeping track of a travel mug. The key here is that the papercoffee takeaway cups get recycled instead of thrown into the garbage. Even though they are biodegradable, we do not need to be overfilling landfills with disposable coffee cups.single wall

If you are choosing a paper coffee cup for your home, there are some things to look for to make the most of the paper coffee cup. You want the cup to be insulated with a plastic resin, however the less amount used in the cup, the easier it is to recycle so look for cups with lower levels of plastic. Also look for cups that are made from recycled material. These are greener and environmentally friendly.

Takeaway coffee cups provide a nice alternative to the coffee mug. They are disposable, easy and germ free but make sure they are being disposed of properly.