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Why Choose Us As Your Food Packaging Supplier

As the name suggests, Food Packaging refers to items used to store or package food (& beverages). Products that typically fall into this category include plastic containers, paper coffee cups, plastic cups & portion cups.

Food packaging plays a role in the overall impression that a consumer has about the meal. Food Packaging & food presentation is often seen as a reflection of the business, & can be used to build a positive image for a restaurant or cafe.

Why Wholesale Direct Restaurant Supplies?

Wholesale Direct Restaurant Supplies is the preferred supplier of Food Packaging to a number of leading restaurants & cafes. The company has gained this status by only supplying products that meet the highest standards.


All of our Food Packaging is “food grade”, which means that is it safe to use as a means of packaging food & it will not contaminate the contents. Our supplier manufacturing facilities are registered & certified by relevant local authorities, & comply with highest food safety standards.


Our manufacturers use the latest standards in design & engineering to ensure that our products are durable, & won’t crack or puncture when used appropriately. This guarantees the secure storage, transportation & service of a wide variety of food and beverages.


One size doesn’t fit all! Every restaurant is different, so we offer a variety of sizes, styles & brands to cater for the widest range of businesses:

  • Our round plastic containers are available in different sizes, & come with a single lid that fits all bases
  • We carry a range of paper coffee cups to suit the décor & theme in all types of cafes
  • We stock two types of clear plastic cups to accommodate different budgets & tastes


Wholesale Direct entire range of Food Packaging can be purchased online, by phone, or through our mail order catalogue. Registered members can enjoy access to Fast Shop, the industry leader in fast & convenient stock replenishment. Our website feature allows regular customers to login, view past orders, update/ replicate orders & checkout, in just 3 clicks. For more details about Fast Shop, click here.

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    Download a current PDF of our entire product catalogue showcasing our full range or restaurant and food industry supplies.

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