Free Restaurant Advertising

How Do Restaurant Get Free Advertising?

In this day and age, where new businesses are born every day, it is difficult to get a particular business to stand out. This is especially true for the restaurant industry, where standing out among the crowd is not only hard, but is also highly essential. This is because restaurants are one of the hardest businesses to run and sustain, especially during their early years. Combining all that with the high budgets required for marketing, these restaurant owners can find themselves in a lot of trouble.

Fortunately though, there are a few ways through which restaurants can be advertised for free. These are a mix of the traditional modes of advertising and modern, online advertising.

1. Advertise through word of mouth:

On average, every person has around 250 people in their network. If restaurant owners can get family, friends, colleagues, or even the owners of other businesses to like their restaurant business and spread the word about it, then there is great chance that many of the 250 people would know about it. Multiplying this figure with the number of family members and friends, there can eventually be an unlimited scope for exposure.

2. Distribute Business Cards:

Restaurant owners should carry business cards with them whenever possible. This is because these cards can be distributed to people which the owners might meet. Doing this might just prove to be a great source of advertising as these people might be interested in the business itself or be willing to spread the word about it. The best places that business cards should be carried to are social gatherings and parties.

3. Use the Social Media:

Social Media Websites such as Facebook and Twitter have changed the online advertising landscape. They are all the more beneficial for local businesses who have financial constraints. Millions of people visit these websites daily and advertising to them, by creating business pages, proves to be very effective. The advertising on this platform can be all the more special if people write positive reviews about the business in discussion groups. Positive comments on these social media websites spreads like wild fire and the business ultimately ends up attracting a whole lot of customers in no time.

4. List the restaurant on Google Places:

Using Google Places is a very effective way for local businesses such as restaurants, to provide their locations online. Not only does it ensure the business has its location listed, but it also helps in ranking the business higher on search engines such as Google.

5. Use Email Marketing:

For a business to practice email marketing, it must have a website. A restaurant should get the people who visit its website to give away their email addresses, also known as lead generation. These email addresses can then be used to send emails containing promotional offers or deals. However, when undergoing email marketing, it is important not to spam or send emails repeatedly.

6. List in Free Directories

There are many free directories, aside from the Yellow Pages, such as Eatability that give you free exposure and a link back to your website. All you have to do is add your url and your business details onto the website and they give you a free listing. To find many of the free listings, all you need to do is search for your competitors and see which pages they are listed on.

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