Introducing BioPak Coffee Cups Art Series to Wholesale Direct Range

BioPak are proud to support and promote the arts community with the BioCup Art Series. Every three months they will print artwork from Australian and New Zealand artists on their 8oz, 12oz and 16oz single wall and double wall BioCups. BioPak curator Kate Armstrong seeks out artists who explore environmental themes at the core of their practice. Delight and engage your coffee customers with this changing series that looks at sustainability issues from what is involved in building a house, to the the beauty of Australian bush flowers or the urban environment.

FROM THE DEPTHS by Lani Paxton.

‘The Ocean will continue to exist and repair itself once we are gone. We just have to decide whether we will let it get to that’.

‘From the Depths’ was created for a group art show ‘NinetyFive Percent’ to inspire action towards a more balanced relationship with our oceans. It embodies a sense of past and future in the perpetual life cycle of our marine ecosystems and the effects of human impacts. I aimed to create a scene which evokes a sense of exploration into the intricacy and vibrancy of a world that whilst for most of us is out of sight and out of mind, is crucial to our existence.