Many ways to use Disposable Plastic Clear Cold Cups

Disposable clear cold cups, more than just for cold drinks.

Many ways to use clear cold cups for your restaurant, takeaway food outlets, food trucks, festival events, outdoor events, retail shops, art and craft, dentistry, hospital and business centres.

The main purpose for clear disposable cold cups are used for cold drinks such as soft drinks, milkshake, thick shake, fruit shake, fruit smoothie and alcoholic beverage (with alcoholic beverage make sure clear cold cups size comply with Number of standard drinks – (example for beers) Guideline below


Full strength 4.8% alc. vol

285 ml cup – 1.1 standard drinks

425 ml cup – 1.6 standard drinks


Mid strength 3.5% alc. vol

285 ml cup – 0.8 standard drinks

425 ml cup – 1.2 standard drinks


Low strength 2.7% alc. vol

285 ml cup – 0.6 standard drinks

425 ml cup – 0.9 standard drinks)


You can also use disposable plastic clear cups for cold soup, yogurt, salads, and desserts. They are the perfect carry size.


Disposable Clear Cold cups can also be us as a packaging containers. Their clear see-thru are ideal for packaging item such as nuts, candy, lollies, dry items and liquid items.


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What is PET? PET clear plastic cups are perfectly transparent & guarantee superior presentation of your beverage, yogurt or fruit salad.

What is PP? PP clear plastic cold cups made from polypropylene (PP), which are suitable for the more price-savvy purchaser.

What is PLA? PLA is a bio-degradable non plastic material made from corn or plants. They are more environmentally friendly than the PET and PP clear cold cups.

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