Paper Towel Better than Air Drying

Paper Towel is Better for Cleaning Than Air Dying

A sturdy paper towel is better for cleaning than air drying an item. In practically every public restroom you will find an air drying system. It was very common at one point to have cloth towels which soon switched to paper as professionals became more alert to the transmitting of bacteria. Now, a debate is moving between the paper hand towel and the efficient air dryer; which is better.

Cool or Hot Air Dryer

There are two leading types in air drying, cool or hot. It is thought hot air drying increases the development of bacteria. While under a blower, moving the hands together spreads bacteria, almost removing none. The effect of hot air is believed to have no effect on bacteria, particularly when the hands are in constant motion together. Cool air on the other hand destroys more bacterial but not as much as a paper hand towel. Each system, hot air, paper towels and cold air have operated for a reasonable period of time and the paper hand towel has won the battle. Now, the public is given a choice between paper towels and cool air drying. It is researched that machines with strong hot air blowers spread bacteria over a wide space contaminating the area. Paper towels on the other hand cause no disbursement of bacteria. In early years paper towels were used and discarded to keep viruses down. Now the world is revisiting this practice to stop the spread of disease.

Paper Towels

Paper towels are flexible and absorbent. If there is liquid holding bacteria, it is absorbed by the towel and hopefully disposed of before it can travel and do damage. Paper towels offer a permanent way of disposing of bacteria. Any contamination placed on a paper towel is incinerated and no longer exist to become a problem. This is one major advantage of using paper towels. Blow dried hand washing allows the liquid from the hands to stay around longer, while splatter has the opportunity to move to other areas in a room, giving bacteria a new surface to survive on.

How does contamination spread?

Contamination has a great deal to do with disposal. Air drying does not provide disposal. A bacterium simply moves from one surface to another, creating another surface for survival. Paper towels, once used, are no longer a part of the area to be used. In major facilities disposal is a part of safety codes, in a rest room this is returning as a method to keep illness under control. During cold and flu season, sneezing into tissue paper, and disposing of it is one way to remove germs. This allows patients to get better. Using paper hand towels combined with hand washing is fairly effective. This also helps to prevent others from contracting illness. Paper towels are used in the same way tissue is used. Bacterium is not allowed to sit and grow.

Removing Bacteria

A bacterium is left on surfaces when air dryers are used; bacterium becomes stationary. The blower is unable to remove it. However, the force used by wiping dislodges the bacteria and it is disposed of. With the dryer, rather than dislodging the contamination to a disposed of area bacteria is disbursed to other places. It takes a lot of heat to kill bacteria and the skin cannot take the heat; so, contamination simply gets a free ride.

Dispensing of the Paper Hand Towel

Air drying was initially a gadget that had to be turned on. It was automatic but lacked any way to stop the movement of bacteria. There is the cleaning of the container to be considered. Paper towels seem to be the most practical and oldest remedy for waste disposal, ridding a room of bacteria. New ideas are great but the basic principle is still very much a part of the new solution. Paper hand towel use is a preference by some people if given a choice. In some facilities customers are given a choice to use air dryers and paper towel dispensers.