BioPak Tray 5 BioBoard, 200/ctn


These brown kraft enviroboard can be use for hot and cold food. They are made from FSC certified paper board and are commercially 100% compostable and recyclable.




BioPak environmentally friendly enviroboard open trays, popular in trendy café, food cart, takeaway shops, restaurant, events, functions and carnivals. These large cardboard food trays use together with a flat bag to serve takeaway sweets, savories, hot or cold dishes, fish and chips, burger combo. They are stylish and a modern version twist to the old classic trays or plates. They are also 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Measurement 255 x 179 x 58mm


2 x 100 pieces per carton, total 200 pieces

Additional information

Weight 11000 g
Dimensions 92 × 84 × 62 cm