BioPak Sandwich Wedge Box With Window, 500/ctn


BioBoard lunch and noodle boxes are leak proof as they are line with a bioplastic coating made from plants, not oil.
-FSC Certified Paper
-Ingeo Bioplastic Lining
-Hot and Cold friendly, exclude window boxes use for cold only
-Commercially compostable


These Cardboard Sandwich Wedge Box With Window are becoming very popular. Use them for displaying sandwiches at cafes, deli, gourmet stores, takeaway shops, food carts, restaurants, food fair, Eastern Show, convenience store. The clear see thru window allow you to display your foods and are made from PLA plastic, a biodegradable product. These cardboard Bioboard sandwich wedge box are also environmentally friendly.

Measurements  123 x 72 x79mm

Cold use only


500 pieces


Additional information

Weight 8000 g
Dimensions 26 × 41 × 33 cm