Castaway 12oz Eco-Smart Clearview Food Bowls, 250/ctn

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Eco-Smart® Clearview® food bowls feature exceptional clarity and durability. Air-tight lids ensure freshness, and a double-split hinge allows containers to be laid open on a bench for quick and easy filling.

Product Description

Castaway 12oz Eco-Smart plastic Clearview Food Bowls Hinged, Dome Lid
Clear food packaging for cold dished such as dessert, salad, any cold dish display.

Multiple sizes are available, with flat or dome lids offering extra space for food items such as muffins and salads.

High clarity, air-tight containers for any cold food product
Ideal for salads, biscuits, fruits, nut mixes and confectionery
Available with flat or dome hinged lids

-Air-tight seal keeps food fresh
-Australian made in HACCP certified facilities
-Biodegradable* in a modern landfill to ASTM D5511 standards
-High clarity
-Recyclable P.E.T.
-Stackable, saving storage space and transport costs

Size: 341 ml / 12 oz
Measurement: 116 x 55 mm
Qty: 25 per sleeve, 250 per carton

Additional Information

Weight 4300 g
Dimensions 59.2 x 25.6 x 38 cm