Castaway Lids for FreezaReady Takeaway Containers, 500/ctn

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Castaway FreezaReady containers are made from a crack resistant polypropylene to protect your pre-portioned foods in the freezer. The translucent appearance and tapered sides allow for easy labeling, stacking and storage, great for pre-portioned soups, stews, deli products and more.

Product Description

Castaway Flat lids for FreezaReady and Storage Clear Plastic Takeaway Containers

FreezaReady containers lids have been designed in 500ml, 750ml and 1000ml sizes, with a leak resistant, one-size-fits-all SnapOn lid. Made from BPA-free, food grade materials.

Features and Benefits
-Freezer safe
-Recyclable polypropylene
-Secure, leak resistant lids
-Strong, durable and crack-resistant
-Suitable for microwave reheating and defrosting

Size:One Lid Fits All
Measurement: 175 x 120 mm
Qty: 50 per sleeve, 500 per carton

Additional Information

Weight 6300 g
Dimensions 61.3 x 25.7 x 37.3 cm