The Best Australian Cities for Coffee Lovers

If you’re looking for the best Australian cities for coffee lovers, you have some great options. You have choices based on how many coffee shops you want to visit, what kinds of coffee you’re looking for, and whether you want and need a guide to the city or you’d rather explore on your own. You should also consider the cost, the distance, and the type of overall experience you actually want when it comes to your coffee. From huge conglomerates to small mom-and-pop shops, the coffee drinking experience can be very different.

Australian Cafe Life

While nearly every Australian city has its share of coffee shops, you aren’t going to beat what you can find in Melbourne. Because Melbourne is Australia’s “coffee capital,” the number of shops there exceeds what you’ll find in other cities of similar size and composition. That’s great news for anyone who lives or works in that city, and it’s also great news for tourists who are visiting and looking for a really great cup of coffee. Whether you’re coming from somewhere else in Australia or you’ve arrived on holiday from another country, being able to relax and enjoy great options in a coffee shop where you feel comfortable can be a wonderful part of your vacation experience.

Melbourne is big and there’s plenty to do. Coffee is only a part of that. If your love of coffee has brought you to Melbourne – or if you’re already lucky enough to live there – you’ll find that there’s everything from cold-dripped coffee to fresh-brewed, warm options. Near the University is one of the best places to go when you’re looking for a great cup of coffee, because so many of the student congregate at the little coffee shops between classes and before or after school for the day. You can engage in some lively conversations there.

Additionally, you can head into the heart of the city and try some of the places that are only usually frequented by the locals. Don’t rely on tourist guidebooks to tell you where to find those places. Instead, talk to the locals and ask them where they go for a good cup of coffee and maybe a sandwich or something sweet to go with it. When the locals go to a place frequently, you know that place is going to be good. Coffee isn’t just coffee. There are many different types, kinds, and flavors. Getting what you want is partially about the coffee itself and partially about the experience.

When you’re choosing a coffee shop in Melbourne or any of the other Australian cities where you can get good coffee, like Sydney or Brisbane, consider the experience as a whole. It offers so much more than just the flavor of the coffee, and people who really love coffee want to have an actual experience with their coffee drinking. You can have a wonderful time in any Australian city if you love coffee and can get directions to a great coffee shop the locals love to visit. Any Australian city can be the best if you know where to look.