The Best Food Containers for Any Business

As the food industry has grown, we’ve discovered the absolute miracle that disposable containers can be. Disposable containers have completely revolutionized the way that we transport and prepare food. Restaurants everywhere can now send their goods out the door with the knowledge and the confidence that they’ll taste just as good when they reach their destination as they would have in-house.

At the very beginning of the twentieth century, there were a lot of problems with communicable diseases. The paper plate made its debut in 1867 and really lead the way in the use of disposable products for eating. Problems with tuberculosis spawned the very first disposable cups. The Dixie cup was one of the first disposable products ever created and was quickly followed by an entire line of disposables.

In the 1940s and 50s the Disposable Product Industry took off. In 1948 McDonald’s decided to start using a line of completely disposable paper products to send home with customers. This was done to replace the glass and actual flatware they were using prior to this discovery. The bottom line? Disposable products made sense! Now almost all of our fast food and take-out items are packaged in disposable containers. Everything from clear plastic fruit trays, to take away coffee cups can now be purchased in common locations.

Consider some of these creative uses for these creative containers:


Few people realize just how great putting their logos and names on disposable containers can be for advertising. This gets your product out there and exposes your brand to a larger group of consumers. Someone sees their friend with a cup with your logo on it, and the next thing you know that person is visiting your place of business. This is visual as well as word-of-mouth advertising schematic.

One of the biggest sellers at any food business is going to be the beverages. Grabbing a coffee or a soft drink on the way to work is one of the most common reasons that people visit any vendors. Having your logo and brand clearly printed on these cups gives you the kind of marketing coverage that other businesses pay big bucks for.

Re-purpose Containers

Hot and cold containers can be used for more than just their obvious purposes. This can actually make your product more memorable. Let’s say you find a way to put a cupcake complete with ice cream into a coffee cup. This kind of cup will keep the temperature Cold while creating a product that is both fun and catchy!

Cups aren’t the only product that can be repurposed. You can find containers with individual sections that can be used to separate any number of different items. These are generally great for breakfast or brunch items. Specialty pancakes can be divided with cookie containers, or small Delicacies can be separated using egg containers. If you can create a product, there is some sort of disposable container that can be used to package it.

Paper Wrappers

Everyone who’s ever eaten a fast food sandwich has encountered these rappers. The wax paper wrappers are a fantastic way to keep food warm while minimizing mess.

They’re also fantastic carriers of brand names and logos.

Styrofoam Containers

These are the best containers to use when you serve any product that needs to be kept hot or cold. It’s also a good idea to get the Locking containers that have dividers when planning specialty dinners or a wider variety of foods. These are fairly cheap and extremely effective when trying to provide any kind of food services. If you plan on using these as a permanent fixture in your business you may want to look into including your logo.